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Friday, October 18, 2013

Marco Marco LA Fashion Week: One Lesson in Life, Replace the models with Professional Drag Queens

I feel more inspired to make clothes from Drag Queens and transgendered individuals for some reason. There has been a lot of press for this event at LA Fashion Week and here are the official looks worn by famous Drag Queens/Female Impersonators/Entertainers.
I'm living for these colors and bright highlighters ensembles.
Carmen looks flawless as always. Body Beautiful all the way.

Detox looking fierce and unstoppable.

Manila should keep doing this Ombre Teal look. It really makes her face look more dimensional.

Damn, Courtney. Those abs!

Shangela needs more hair, but she looks great here.

I'm surprised Willam is wearing so much material. More slut, less housewife please.

Vicky looks too covered :( Why they gotta do that to the big girls?!

I live for Raja. She's always ahead of the fashion scene and is the ultimate supermodel.

Yara, I like the colors, but maybe more hair would complete this look.

Alyssa needs a train for her royal highness!

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