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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Geek Wardrobe That I Need Right Now: Street Fighter Tights


So I stumbled upon these fantastic Street Fighter leggings on some nerdy one clothing store. Unfortunately this is the only interesting thing being sold on the website in my opinion. I always get the feeling that the nerdy clothes are basic and have nothing special to them. And if you were to find some nerdy theme clothing that was actually decent, it would be overpriced and sold from another country. We need more nerdy designers out there...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Update on Life Part 5,432

So for the time being I've been up and down with actually doing work this winter. There have been days where I have felt completely useless and other days have been all about work, sewing and designing.

I hate the Winter blues....I mean at least Christmas is in two days.
And I started a video diary on my YouTube Channel as well. I totally forget to mention that. My username was from my old YouTube channel and I changed my name for the channel, but the username is still the same. SO YEAH...My username is

So I'm doing whatever I cant to get subscribers and views on my videos...It's just that I'm not used to being so open about displaying my awkwardness on camera.

My social life as usual has been pretty slow. The fact that most of my friends are busy finishing their semesters with finals and projects, I have to wait to hang out with them after the holidays. The only social interaction I get these days are with my family, my co-workers and my boyfriend. I miss my friends dearly. 

My main focus is to spend my time wisely and get done with the remaining projects. I don't have time to sit on my ass and be lazy.

I need to feel fabulous 24/7 to keep my spirit up. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nothing says Brilliant like impeccable placement of Buttons

I found of about this website called Flip-board, which is basically like a knock off version of Pinterest, but more business oriented. In the art section, I found a collection of button collages in spirit of familiar faces in pop culture and art. It's been done before, but I don't mind seeing these things on the internet once in a while.

Newest Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign is everything: Lady C makes everything so chic and classic!

I'm am living for Catherine Deneuve for LV Newest Campaign. Now this is the definition of Elegance. I mean ignore the injections and the Botox, you're looking at a real classic beauty here.

Friday, December 13, 2013


(I know some of you readers are thinking, why did it take you so long to finish this game?
I am not a person who discusses all the aspects of my life on the internet, and although I blog about my interests, and I try not to reveal anything that would exploit my privacy in any way. I flaunt my opinions and that's it. You may see what my face looks like from the header at the top of my blog, but that's all that I am going to reveal about myself).
Here's my review:
I bought Grand Theft Auto around the time it was released back in September and I finally managed to finish the entire game yesterday. It took me 3 entire months of exhausting gameplay to close another important gaming chapter in my life. And once again, I felt choked up at all of the endings. And I feel happy that I am a part of such an incredible generation to play all of these groundbreaking and culturally influential platforms. Grand Theft Auto V is not to be ignored by any indie gamers who feel like society is being mentally chewed up by ignorance involving negativity in social media, the conditions of the broken government, and the downfall of humanity. The irony of GTA V is that all of society is down the shithole and we are laughing at it because its all satire. And these sort of games really reflect how horrible we have become as human beings both from the 1%  and the 99%. Maybe people don't pay attention to the conspiracies flaunted very openly in the game, but at least the gameplay is sharp, the character acting is Oscar-worthy and the overall story is just another fantastic edition to the infamous series.
So the introduction of a multi character gameplay had to be done for the latest installment, because popular game editors have the reputation of using the same features over and over and in every series (*Cough cough*, Assassin's Creed). In GTA V, everything was over the top. The setting had to be more vast and lively, the missions had to be more intense and the characters had to be more vulgar and complex. The development of  Michael, Trevor and Franklin really surprised me because at first I thought to myself, what was their chemistry going to be like in the game and how do their backgrounds end up helping one another out. In this series, character development was crucial to the story in the gamer. The interchangeable feature of switching from character to character really gave me a sense of freedom and less of structural gameplay. I decided to do whatever I felt like doing at the moment with a certain character. Because we all knew (not to be bias) that Trevor is the best character ever written for a video game. But the fact that I could customize my characters with tattoos, and clothes really made me invest my time into all of the characters. And I was amazed that the editors took note into the fact that I could train my character into bettering their skills when it came to stamina, shooting, driving, and stealth kills. I felt like the characters were more important to pay attention to because you had an impact of controlling them in every way possible.

As much fun as the characters were so free to control, I feel like they lacked some emotional value from time to time. Yes, their side comments when running over people or getting blow jobs in cars by strippers are by far hilarious: Its just that I had the impression that it was all for the entertainment value. Some of the side missions, where Franklin helped a paparazzi made him seem like he had no respect for people's privacy and I thought Franklin to be somewhat of a person who had his limits to helping strangers out. Or like when Michael helped a widow go underwater to find some missing pieces made everything seem out of place. And the one thing I noticed about the game is that the secondary characters were obviously less developed and you couldn't really interact with that many people. I mean, you couldn't even have a girlfriend for crying out loud. Just the social interaction between other characters seemed juts a little dead.

The setting of Los Santos was by far the most interactive gaming playground yet. You could do a good amount of activities in an entire day from hunting to yoga to water racing with jet skis and sky diving. At one point I mistaken myself for playing Red Dead Redemption every time I killed animals up in the mountains. And you can do the obvious Generation Y shit like go shopping and customize your cars. I wish the game gave more opportunities in purchasing real estate that you can interact with just like in the old GTA games. And I was kinda surprised that there was only one strip club. At least in GTA 4, there were restaurants you could explore and car dealerships you could mess around with. Its weird to see such an open space with some areas being so limited. That's where I saw the imbalance in the game for sure.

Now, Im not going on some hate rant with this game, but there is always improvement suggested for the next installment.

The duration of the game seemed just a little short, but luckily with all the optional side missions, you can really put in a lot of time into the entire gameplay. I just hope that all the easter eggs will be worth finding in the end.

What else...Oh yeah lets talk about the heists. THERE WERENT ENOUGH OF THEM! Seriously! For such a radical game, you'd expect to explode a building every five seconds. I wanted the adrenaline filled action and I decided to choose all the outlandish choices for doing all of the heists. Some of the heists weren't all well thought out, but I have to blame the editors for running out of ideas or stealing yet another obvious plot from any 80s cop movie. The heists should have been the pinnacle of the game, but they failed to impress me at times.

This game was a great investment in my collection and the replay level on this game is at its absolute highest. Characters are well developed, gameplay is easily adaptable, driving is superb. Its a GREAT GAME. The missions could be more exciting and thought out, the areas should be just a little more interactive, but overall this game is a commercial success for a reason. Maybe in the next installments, we will see major improvements.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas is everything right now.

I'm the only person in my family to be excited about Christmas, so it's usual for me to be more enthusiastic for no reason. I've decided to decorate my apartment with two trees, (One Traditional, One Pink), I decorated my office and I am encouraging all of my family members to decorate every crevice of their home. Im that kind of gal.
I have one month to plan the only event of the year that matters. The commercials of spreading holiday cheer and consumerism is getting to me, because I didn't get a chance to buy all the presents in the world. In the end, I know that everything will be fine, but the pressure is on. I mean how many people are excited for the same thing that I am.

And its on to make this year the best Christmas yet. And sadly to say, I have been spending more money on presents for myself as well. Online shopping stole my soul and I bought myself over 4 monster high dolls which I will be playing and mesmerizing all by myself on Christmas morning.

But being selfish is far from celebrating the Holiday cheer so I have to pretend to act like I have interest in some of my family members who I haven't spoke to in a while. Meh, I might as well be nice for once.

My job doesn't take any excuses for me to be lazy after the holidays, but I feel the urge to pig out, be lazy and play my video games until my eye balls fry. I seek to be the laziest person after the holidays are done.

And all after the holidays are done, I'm keeping my tree up until the end of February and have no feelings that basically the most important holiday had passed. Forget about Easter, or the Fourth of July. 

I know that Christmas is the most personal holiday for a lot of people because its an event that we have always lived for as young children. I've seen the home videos of me as a toddler opening up presents. Everything seemed so perfect like my life wasn't changing every 5 seconds. It was a celebration of free spirit and coming together as a family. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

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I’m starting to building my fashion brand little by little. I may not have the skills because I am young, but I see myself as a real designer in the future. And this little number was made by me in high school and I believe you should be proud of the work youv’e done for yourself. I am absolutely proud of far I have grown and matured as a designer. I hope you guys can follow my journey.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Individuality is overrated in Fashion these days...

I believe that in this superficial world, we are made to believe that only the most beautiful, rich and well known human beings are allowed to be an influence in the fashion world. Celebrities set the trends and we want to live up to the standards of following them. It's a non stop marathon of keeping up with the higher echelon in Fashion so we can feel accepted. People say that fashion is a lifestyle: I snort at that expression because it's all bullshit. Back when Fashion set out to become about identifying your tribe or niche, clothes were all about setting standards for yourself. People outdid themselves to stand out and grab the most attention. Its all the same charade. Its the popularity contest of the wealthiest people flashing their wealth to the poor individuals who can't afford the luxury in life. 

And its upsetting that people talk about trends and individuality because the purpose of fashion to me doesn't below in whats about to hit the runway or whats going to be featured in stores. Don't get me wrong I take inspiration from all niches of fashion from Haute Couture to Fast Fashion: Its just that every one seems to have the same taste in fashion and clothing. We all wear practically the same thing. There's no individuality in clothing these days. If I gave myself the time of day, I would have all of my clothes custom made. It's just not that simple. 

As a designer, I want to do many things for the people wearing my clothes. I want to identify myself with all of my customers. And yes I know the first rule of design is to know your customer, but how to design for a specific niche when I know people want to be different these days...