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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sharon Needles is the Queen of Halloween and Not Just A Freak of Nature

In celebration of Halloween, I decided to dedicate this very special day to the legendary Sharon Needles. Sharon envelops the persona of any ghoul or freak for Halloween, but behind all the kooky costumes and heavy makeup there is a genuine person who loves to celebrate Halloween everyday.

This is Sharon. She's a walking Party City...But she's the fiercest queen to come out of any nightmare.

She can play any Legendary Serial Killers and get away with looking like a slut. How many times have we seen the typical Freddy Krueger Skank Costume with out seeing any actual work put into the costume.

She's beyond Camp and she lives for the image of Dumb and Ditsy. She can be rough around the edges, but she is crafty and very skilled with makeup.

She knows her place and she knows here limits. She can easily make fun of herself. She can play parodies as much as she wants to.

She's a total sass mouth and she can defend herself for the characters she portrays.

She is emotionally stable because she has been made of for her creative integrity.

She's the first person who I look for inspiration when it comes to Halloween makeup.

For crying out loud, look at that beated face.

She deserved to be crowned the winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race because she owned all of the challenges and defeated the mundane contestants.
Love ya, Sharon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Explanation on my HIATUS: If people even care.

I haven't really been spending time to upkeep this blog. Well than again, no one reads this so this is not a big deal. For the losers reading my shit, I have been on hiatus for a weeks. This is nothing crucial, but I like to post on a daily basis. It makes me feel important.
I rarely ever put up any pics of me, but I've been experimenting with makeup for my Halloween costume as a Zombie Brooke Candy and I ended up looking like a Monster High doll *WIN*
The next day after Halloween I'll post up my final looks. I hope I turn it out this year...

In other news, I have been busy the past few weeks working on social media for my job. So the only form of entertainment I did for myself at work was to scroll through the tumblr dashboard and weep over my boring slow-paced life.

In other news, I'm returning back to FIT next Fall so I have also been in preparation of a new portfolio as well as upcoming editorials previewing my garments. I sound oh-so exciting when in actuality, everything is coming together at such a slow pace.

Halloween is in just a few days and I have yet to complete my whole costume. In order for me to look like Brooke Candy, I need those Honky Braids!

I'm still doing Real Estate as a side job which is why half of my life is focused on Open Houses and selling homes. It's like I'm becoming my mother as I get older.

I feel more anxious about actually doing work as a designer. I took a one year break after graduating college and I haven't done much with my degree other than sew for a few clients and do a few photo shoots. I feel like I have nothing to brag about when I go back to school.

And than I get panic attacks about how I should pursue Fashion even though it's a major risk to even try to get a real job in that industry.

I start to act weird. I don't feel like myself.

There's the occasional self deprecating use of drugs and alcohol to make me feel fine about life.
But some days, I feel fabulous about myself with out forcing confidence.

If only I could be a wreck that gets away with everything in life.

I'm suffering with White Woman Problems.

And I'm counting the days of regulation so I won't become one of the young moms who forgot about their careers.

Ah. I feel fine.

I do whatever I can to get a good night rest to sleep my troubles away.

But I just feel LOST.

Gamer Obsession: Trevor Phillips from GTA V

So recently I have picked up on playing Grand Theft Auto 5 again when I have nothing else to do at home. I've been taking my time with the story mode of the game and the only character I play as is Trevor. I find Franklin to be rather boring and Michael is a dried up old man still. Every time I play as Trevor, his dialogue, his mannerisms and his comments collectively make him more desirable and sexy. There is something about him that is so wired and crazy, I like that perversion of nature. In my head, he is me: A narcissist, insane and doesn't give any fucks to society. In reality, I'm only a narcissist. But he's a fantastic character who every one wants to be in a parallel universe. There are moments in the game where I wish that I was just as cool as Trevor.


He's the coolest white guy I know.

He's very comfortable with his sexuality.

He breaks all stereotypes.

He has a very bad temper.

He doesn't take shit from anyone.

He has issuing with professing his love to women.

He wakes up in the weirdest places.

Like this time:

He's not afraid to kill anyone and he feels no remorse.

He's a big PERVE.

I love you, TREVOR!

Really, I LOVE YOU!

Most Beautiful Trees in the World: Nature can't be THAT Amazing!

For some reason I find myself strolling around the forest in my neighborhood and I notice how gorgeous the trees look. I take a decent looking photo and they never end up looking like THIS! It's not just the beauty of nature, it's the photography, filter and Photoshop GODDAMIT!
But they are quite breathtaking...


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bullying at 21 years old...

I have been living in a Jewish neighborhood for about 10 years. And for those 10 years I have been following the rules for all of my neighbors to cover up and be respectful to the community. Never ever have I had the issue of walking out of my home in a scantily clad outfit and getting shit for exposing a certain part of my body. I was always covered up. Even in the summertime, I wore a shawl or something to cover up my chest and shoulders out of discretion for the public. But for the past few days, out of the first cold days in New York I have been getting bullied from all the young Jewish boys in my neighborhood. Being 21 years old, I hate the thought of ever being bullied again. It brings me back to middle school when I didn't fit in because I was supposedly "Weird". No one wants to be reminded of something they have a lack of confidence in.
At first, I believed that the boys were making fun of me because of my face or body. I didn't think of it as a big deal when I approached a group of kids from outside of my work. I just told them top Grow Up and Learn to Respect People. Simple Words. I didn't want to do the wrong thing and approach them with harm. The days go by and I'm getting multiple people by my office yelling EW! and laughing at me. I thought to myself, okay they are all ganging up on me. This morning I was setting up my office and two kids were passing by and screamed Ew at me. So I walked up to them and I told them to Stop. I got angry and I couldn't help, but feel like doing something stupid. They wanted to approach me in my office and I asked them to leave. A few minutes later, their leader of the Pack, the Rabbi came to my office to apologize. I knew the Rabbi as a client and he told me to call him if any issue came up. When I told my mother about the whole situation, she told me they were bullying me because of the way I dress. And it bothers me because why would I be treated out of all people?!
I guess they considered me the Village Whore for dressing a certain way, but the best thing I got out of this situation was the sweetest letter from this chubby kid who came to my office to apologize. What the kids do to me is awfully annoying, but at least there are some people by my side.
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Update on my fashion line!!!!!!

Check out the latest sneak peek featuring the lovely, Janice Miyoshi Days in a custom-fit red jumpsuit designed by yours truly.
Like this pic to get more photos from this shoot!
Love, KIKA.
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