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Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Week: Here we go again...

It's that time again, when all fashion bloggers, stylists, upcoming designers rejoice and celebrate in the arrogance and glamour of Fashion Week once again. I myself have a love-hate relationship with this event because somehow I live by the expectation that something magnificent and life changing will happen to me when I attend the shows. I go to shows to network, socialize and see the upcoming trends in the fashion industry. I love helping out backstage. It's the best feeling to dress a statuesque model and pretend to be friends with her for five minutes. I live in the fantasy that I am important and loved, but then that changes quickly when I notice every one is fighting for their attention and to be photographed in the NY Times style section. Every one likes to be a celebrity for one day. People are in a competition of best dressed, and most photographed. It can get pretty silly. My strategy at any show is to talk to the people behind the show, not the ones trying to be in it. Hopefully when I go to a few shows, I can re-experience the joy of networking and conversing with authentic people. I'll keep you guys posted.

Reasons why Larry David is my spirit animal.

This is Larry. He loves himself more than he loves others. He can't help, but live in his sick sad little word of anxiety and neuroticism.

He is a so-called social assassin and any opportunity he gets to interact with others, he makes every one extremely uncomfortable.

I mean, he really gets your undeserved attention to let us know that he doesn't want anything to do with you.

He is far from subtle.

He sees a problem with everything and every one.
But he manages to be likeable and accept the odd ones out of the bunch.
He actually lives by a good philosophy: He's not an opportunist. He's more of a realist than a pessimist.

He doesn't go along with the bullshit of society.

I love you, LARRY!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Men's Fashion Today: Is it too much?

Givenchy Spring 2014 Menswear
I never like to re-evaluate myself, but being a designer it's important to look through the eyes and vision of what the customer wants. There is a time and a place for artistic integrity and I am a firm believer in creating the unimaginable, but over the years I noticed the trend of menswear becoming more a shock value than actual apparel. And every year, designers go crazy with patterns and prints and odd silhouettes to come up with a few pieces for a Men's Collection. The funny part about it, is that most of these clothes are designed by men. It's not as if a lot of women design these clothes to degrade or make these models look like a bunch of clowns. So why wouldn't a man want to design for himself? Or for any customer? I have rarely met any young designers who specialize in Menswear and don't sew normal looking clothes. 

I understand that in today's culture, women have more options in dressing for their lifestyle while men are only left with wearing shirts, pants, coats, jackets and suits. And in today's fashion, women dress more excessively than men do. But I don't generally see the point of where the Men's Fashion Industry is going. Back than, Men used to be Fashion Icons and set trends for wearing 3 piece suits or earrings for that matter. And women would actually get their influence from Men's fashion. It just's seems like now the Men's Fashion is copying off of the Women's Fashion Industry. It personally upsets me because I rarely see a lot of men who are into Fashion as much as women are. Men are given the option of being sophisticated or messy. There is no in between. Hopefully the fashion industry could evolve into something for just the normal guys who don't want to dress too shocking or be too boring. 

What do you guys think? Comment Below if you Agree or Disagree...

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Why I'm not going to miss the Summer season

After such a long summer, I'm over the Beach Season and I'm anticipating the Fall. I mean it. I am all about cold weather. I'm polish, I was made for -20 degree weather. I never complain about how cold it is in New York when I know people in Siberia have it worse.
Here are a few things about Summer that I am dying to leave behind:
Sweaty sleeping sessions. No one likes to sweat in their sleep. I don't think it's necessary to breath in steam anymore.
I am beyond pale and I never stay tan for longer than a week straight. The sun does nothing for me and it's better that I stay pale for the Fall.

Yup. The sun does the exact same thing to me.

Plus I'll give myself excuses to stay inside and do nothing all day because it will be too cold to socialize.

I am not skilled at any outdoor sports, so my only routine of working out will consist of Tumblr, Sewing and watching Real Housewives.

Remember when every one said that there was going to be the best beach party ever?! Well that never happened...
Than again, I had an amazing Summer. But it never turns out to be like in TV with the rich family going to their beach house and partying every night. If only I could like an ABC Family Original Series.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Pet Peeves about Imperious Gamers

When they make reference to a game you never heard of and they feel superior to your knowledge of games.

When they think your game taste is awful.

When they boast about how skilled they are in games, but they have no social skills what so ever.

When nerds think they know everything about history because they play Assassin's Creed.
When they tear you to pieces for not caring about the Final Fantasy Franchise.
When they call you a NOOB when you try of a game for the very first time and you have no idea how to use the controls.

When they call us gamers girls. Like I have this label that I'm trying to impress dudes. I play games, DASIT.

Every time they beat you in a battle, they parade around all day claiming that they won.
When they say you only play girly games.
I just wanna play my games with out people judging me Goddamit. This is why I don't do multiplayer and I don't play with others. I am officially an Anti-Social Gamer.
I has a lot of feelings today.


This looks awfully uncomfortable: "You and Me" Public Intercation Installation by Zhang Zhaohui

So there is this metal framed installation in Beijing, China of the male and female figure where people can squeeze themselves inside and take awkward photographs. For some reason, my claustrophobia started kicking in again.

What if you are taller than 5'11? Would I have to fit myself in the male's position?

What about the short people. Wouldn't it hurt to lay on top of the metal crotch?
This doesn't seem safe.

Quite frankly, I would have mistaken that for a telephone booth. Still pretty cool though.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Your'e never too old for Monster High.

People always seem to think that dolls are just for children, but ever since I was a young girl I drew inspiration from playing with dolls. I would dress them up constantly and set up scenarios all the time. I obviously don't do this anymore, but dolls are still appealing to me. One of my obsessions is Monster High. Basically they are undead Bratz Dollz, but with more detail and intricacy. The one thing I noticed about how the way the dolls were designed was that they were heavily influenced by today's fashion. Mattel's popular brand, Barbie is not as relevant to fashion as the Monster High dolls are. Sorry, but tutus and bows don't make my skirt blow anymore. All of the dolls are personified with their own sense of style and none of the characters are knock offs of one another. I collect a few from time to time for inspiration and decoration and I don't see the issue of why people think that I am too old to be collecting dolls. Check out some of the dolls and you'll see why.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

What I miss about the Real Housewives Franchise.

I find the Real Housewives franchise to be quite boring now. All of the cast members try to become celebrities or start their brand. It's just annoying as hell.

I miss Kelly Bensimon and her natural looking montages or her fabulous life. I love seeing her jog in the middle of traffic, do cartwheels and shop for expensive fur jackets just for the heck of it. She never seems like she knows where she is, and she's my self-proclaimed lab rat. I Love Her.

Nene Leakes had a  bad temper in the first few seasons of Atlanta Housewives. She didn't take shit from any one and she needed Lisa to hold her down. Now Nene is calm and put together because she needs to keep her reputation now that she does acting.

Sheree Whitfield, buffest bitch in town and saw herself as the sexiest woman alive. I miss her shady backstabbing comments. Why did she leave?

Kim Zolciak, the ultimate goddess of Atlanta Housewives franchise defined the term of lazy housewife who doesn't work and spends her time shopping and being useless. She needs to do more for Bravo.

Danielle Staub, the classiest member of Jersey Housewives, decided to leave the show out of dignity, but the show is slowly becoming as "wholesome" as the Brady Bunch. We need more drama.

Bethenney Frankel used to be catty and mean and I miss that. It's great that she has a thriving career and a child and all, but she epitomized the bitchy New York woman. Too bad she doesn't want to do reality shows anymore. Oh bother. 

Teresa Giudice, only passed 3rd grade and managed to upkeep her fake rich life, but before all the tragedy, Teresa was more outspoken and lived a more fabulous life. She needs her own show. She needs the money to buy all of those gorgeous sateen gowns with rouching on the sides. Classy gal.

VMA 2013 Fashion Highlights; The Good, The Bad and the What the Hell Moments.

So every one is making a big deal about Sunday's 2013 VMA's. I cried like a fan girl after seeing Nsync come out and perform. I wanted more of them and less of Justin.

Than Taylor Swift tried to shadier than a drag queen and talk smack about ex boyfriend number 54.

And Drake asked his barber to give him a 5 Gum cut for his performance.

And last but not least, Miley made every one uncomfortable twerking her cd-case ass and awkward gyration. 

So lets get to the fashion because after all this is the only reason I pay attention to these award shows.

Miley looks like she's dressed for a Mexican Themed Party. If she had a sombrero, the outfit would make sense, but she's trying too hard to be kooky and free spirited. And whats with the tongue, she looks like a clam.

Katy's dress was a disaster. The cut was off, it was ill fitting and the pattern didn't flow well. The accents on the top were too heavy and she lost her neck. Go back to Candy Land, Katy Perry.

Coco Rocha looks eh. I guess its becuase she's a model that she doesn't want to give off a lot of attention, but at least Chanel Iman dressed for the occasion. Girl, you can do better.

Tumblr Fashion at it's best: Well for Grimes standards. I'm not expecting this chick to wear anything fancy, but she could have at least worn something else other than a 4 dollar black tee from her sister's wardrobe.

I thought this was Beyonce at first, but Rita Ora made more of an effort to be memorable for the occasion. The blue is a lovely compliment to her skin tone, but I hate the black strip on the top. It literally cuts the look in half.

Iggy looks like a jar of mustard. I don't like yellow on yellow. It just makes her blend in. And that greasy hair makes me mad. Iggy has GOOD hair, she should have worn it down with some porn star waves. She missed the mark.

Poor Jwoww will forever be known as the hottest girl on the Jersey Shore. She can't get past her trashy image. This silhouette makes her look too broad on top. And the cheap fabric, dear lord I know she can afford to shop higher than the cheap prom boutiques at the Jersey Mall!

Ciara looked great from the bottom. I'm not in love with the hair though. I don't get why when black chicks try to wear white girl hair that is stringy and has no volume or shape. Hair should have been pulled back.

That's the cute chick from Girl Code. Not bad for her first red carpet. Maybe just a little more makeup.

One word: PROM

I don't see any shape in the dress. Gaga, did you make this yourself at FIT?

This is a rule for all thick girls, Peplums are your enemies: They give you curtains to your stomach and it does nothing to your waist.

The Queen B aka Queen of Trolls looks nasty. I miss her crazy wigs and outlandish looks back than. Atleast she had a theme. This looks like a sweaty long night at the club went wrong with a chompy looking wig.

That annoying person from Girls was there. I guess she picked out something from a thrift store and barely accessorized it with anything. Too plain and the shoes don't do anything for the look.

Oh it's Melissa Gorga.

Who draped this dress?! It makes her look top heavy, bottom heavy, basically no shape with too much fabric.

Probably one of the only men with a good fitting suit.

Beetle juice called, her wants his moose knuckle back, Robin Thicke.

I used to like 30 seconds to Jared Leto, but than they started to think that they were Alexander Wang and than I lost interest.

Taylor Swift....The neckline makes her breast bone look too hollow.

Rihanna didn;t give a shit. And too be honest, if I were her I would have dressed up instead of made myself look like an asshole. If you don't want to attend, than don't go.

Chanel Iman, sleeves are too long, and too many accessories.

Selina Gomez is slowly turning to her Miley Cyrus era, watch. Hair takes over the dress, she's too short. Maybe she needed that slit like in the left photo. Too boring.

I'm done with tonight. Your'e welcome.