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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Ongoing Obsession of Brooke Candy.

She's ratchet. She's vulgar. She's arrogant. It's weird that I find her appealing because she's basically the fiercest Chola rapper of all time.
She's provocative with the way that she dresses and her costumes resemble a sexy C3P0 Warrior princess. 
She's different from other white female rappers.

She's gotta a lot of history and she's been living her life clubbing and doing hard core drugs.

Her box braids are flawless.
She experiments with hair and make up and manages to pull off a lot of eccentric looks.
She isn't trying to act black or sound different. She's just a party freak who can actually rap.
She is naked half of the time and doesn't give two shits about what people say.
She manages to walk in those insane spice girl platforms.
She usually looks like a dead bratz doll or a freaky looking raver.
Her style is colorful and I envy her wardrobe.
Can we just mention her braids again?!
Her look is versatile and she can come up with many personas.

Her nails are disgustingly long and I'm afraid to ask how she goes to the bathroom.
She is my muse and inspiration.

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