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Friday, August 16, 2013

Carmen Carrera for W Magazine: What she teaches us about today's generation.

Body Beautiful
    I live for Carmen Carrera. She's an inspiration and she's a fighter. She deserves all the love and attention from her fans because she is open about her transition and transformation. I respect her a lot. She really raises the platform and dignity for transgendered people out there. She isn't perceived as some freak or confused person. Maybe it's because she is naturally beautiful, but she doesn't deserve to be bashed as some one who was cheating as a drag queen when she was featured on Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 3. She had every chance to be a contestant on that show.

     I think we need more exposure of people like Carmen because there are still a lot of people who are uninformed or uneducated about transgendered people. Being a straight white female, I wasn't educated about transitioning male and females. I was exposed to some gay culture in my childhood and when I entered high school, I had a reality check. I went to a fashion high school and the population of students were mostly straight females or gay men. I was definitely cool to meet new people and learn about their backgrounds, but I didn't look at them for their sexual preferences. If you ever meet someone who flaunts their sexuality, its' still not right to assume their preferences as a target. I've made the mistake of doing so and I realized I was part of the ignorance. And I felt embarrassed about it at first, but I learned to understand the differences between gay, transgendered, and androgynous. In my opinion it's fine to ask questions and be curious. In a way, being curious about something your unfamiliar is a good thing. You don't want to be passive and assume that whatever you perceive the person to be is the right thing to do. Carmen is open about her journey on transitioning and she still gets negative attention from people posting images of her and tagging her as "Can you believe this is a guy?" Although on one hand it's shocking for some people who are uninformed about transgendered individuals, it can be offensive and just downright rude. The sad truth behind society is that there will always be ignorance and people who don't care to look beyond their perception. And it's completely normal, but it's important to give more people a chance to understand not to judge people.


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