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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gamer Obsession: Trevor Phillips from GTA V

So recently I have picked up on playing Grand Theft Auto 5 again when I have nothing else to do at home. I've been taking my time with the story mode of the game and the only character I play as is Trevor. I find Franklin to be rather boring and Michael is a dried up old man still. Every time I play as Trevor, his dialogue, his mannerisms and his comments collectively make him more desirable and sexy. There is something about him that is so wired and crazy, I like that perversion of nature. In my head, he is me: A narcissist, insane and doesn't give any fucks to society. In reality, I'm only a narcissist. But he's a fantastic character who every one wants to be in a parallel universe. There are moments in the game where I wish that I was just as cool as Trevor.


He's the coolest white guy I know.

He's very comfortable with his sexuality.

He breaks all stereotypes.

He has a very bad temper.

He doesn't take shit from anyone.

He has issuing with professing his love to women.

He wakes up in the weirdest places.

Like this time:

He's not afraid to kill anyone and he feels no remorse.

He's a big PERVE.

I love you, TREVOR!

Really, I LOVE YOU!

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