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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reasons why Anastacia is the Ultimate Diva

She is gorgeous.
She is super cheesy and loves tacky things.
 She can pull off so many looks.
 She's a New Yorker and she has so much spunk and attitude.
 She's kinda naughty.
 She's a cougar and is a dick magnet for men both straight and gay.
 She likes to be fashionable in photoshoots, but doesn't try too hard to be different.
 This bitch can sing! Like a fat black woman. She has so much soul.
 She has gone through so much and she is all about empowering women.
 She really pours all of her emotions into her songs.
 She isn't uptight or snobby: She has a great sense of humor.
 She does her own acting in her dramatic music videos.
She's not afraid of her sexuality.

 She has both substance and appeal as an artist: She is perfect.
 She has a killer body. Those abs....
She's silly and relatable.
She is my the ultimate diva even with those glasses.

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