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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Expectations for Mirror's Edge 2

I do have the highest expectations of the upcoming game for Mirror's Edge 2. I'm a a fan of the series because the of the insane first person experience playing as a light-footed parkour who roams around the city jumping over buildings and walls while being chased by the bad guys. I held my breath every time I made a big jump or even fell to my death. All that mattered to me, was that I was in the air most of the time. The story was pretty forgettable and the cut scenes were far from cohesive with the actual graphics in gameplay mode. So now that Mirror's Edge 2 is coming out, fans are expecting a lot of tweaks. Here's a list I made of what should be done to save the series from failing:

1. Make it an open world. The most successful game series are now based on open world experiences like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto. I love a good story, but I love to explore and see what the lead designers bring to outside of the main game. 

2. Multi-player. Games are shorter due to the shortening attention fan of gamers today and multi-player is becoming just as popular as the main story. I'm not much of multi-player gamer, but this good be a brilliant extension to their main story.

3. Change the cut scenes. In the 90's, when I played a game I looked forward to seeing the cut scenes because of the high definition rendering and voice acting. When I played Mirror's Edge, the cut scenes literally looked like an E-surance commercial (Remember the random chick with the pink hair?). I want those knockout graphics and fantastic voice acting! I wouldn't mind seeing Faith actually play into the game as an individual other than standing on a cliff and staring out into the sunrise. 

4. Faith needs to be humanized. She barely talks to herself in the game which I find to be a little boring. I totally get it, when I work out I keep to myself, but running for so many hours can be so boring with out any other distractions. A few comments, or a hum once in a while would make Faith appear less stiff or cold.

5. Gun play was so stale, the only way I could aim was to literally move faith into another direction. For someone who knows how to shoot, she can't aim for shit. Gun play is essential to most games coming out in 2013.

6. Upgrading and gadgets. At least give her a protein shake or something. How is she not thirsty or hungry after running all those hours?

7. Put an actual story together. I need to see interest in playing the game other than the graphics and new tweaks. 

Listen, I'm balls to the walls hyped for the new release and I see a lot of potential with the turn out of the game. Hopefully the editors look into improvement. We will see soon.

The latest trailer is gawgeous!!!!

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