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Monday, August 12, 2013

Most Relatable Moments of Penny from the Big Bang Theory

She's madly in live with her boo.

Like really in love.

Penny doesn't outshine her friends. Even after driving to DisneyWorld with her crazy two friends, she plays cool and let's them act like princesses for a day.

She would be the best person to have a sleep over with. Making french toast while jamming to Shania Twain.

Outside of her apartment, she's gorgeous: Inside, she's a slob, her hair is greasy, and she is a total tomboy.

She's not afraid to be a little pushy. I hate people who don't ask for what they want in life.

She may be living on budget, but she doesn't see the purpose of being un-fashionable.

She's not an early bird. She likes her sleep.

She accepts all her kooky friends.

She likes to push their buttons.

She can be smart, but its fun to play dumb sometimes.

She is an underdog and she doesn't know how great she is.

She has a heck of a time when she messes with Sheldon.

She makes mistakes all the time, and that's why we love Penny!

Who can resist her cuteness?!!!

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