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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The issue with the show, Girls: From being Relatable to Unlikable

When the show first premiered on HBO last year I was hooked by how authentic and realistic the show was. The characters were far from perfect, and I related to a lot of their stories just like any 20 year old living in the city, going to college, finding a job and figuring out life. I was rooting for these characters and I wanted each of them to figure out what they had to do with themselves at the end of the season. Cue the second season, and they are stuck nagging about the same white woman problems. I'm not saying I need to see progression happen to a character happen overnight, but I was so angry to see the cast mope and complain about the same shit they complained about the last season.
   I was getting annoyed by Hannah's self absorbed personality that was becoming more extroverted and selfish. In the beginning of the season she had a new boyfriend, but she still cared for Adam who got into an accident after Jessa's surprise wedding. Why couldn't she see that being in a toxic relationship with Adam did nothing for Hannah. She ends up breaking up with her boyfriend over his political views and than has sex with every one in Brooklyn. And when I mean with everyone, it's basically every episode where she starts dry humping strangers in order to fill her void of boredom and loneliness. It's like Hannah didn't see the need to focus on writing or actually do something with her spare time. Hannah became helpless and needed Adam to rescue her at the end of the season. I don't see why I have to bother rooting for her character anymore.

I was drawn to more of Marnie than the other girls. I loved that after she broke up with her boyfriend, at the end of the season she let loose at Jessa's wedding by wearing her hair down and dress like Jlo from the 2000 Grammy's. For someone who was so uptight, for once she was human. In the second season, she gets a new job and a new boyfriend, but still feel jealous when she's sees her ex more often. She goes out with the arrogant art kid only to find out that she has been used as a fuck buddy. In the end, she goes back to her ex and to be honest, I don't see that relationship lasting because Marnie will have so many expectations about her new relationship, she might push him to his limits and even cheat on her. Marnie needs to learn how to loosen up and look at life through a 20 something year old perspective rather than expecting everything to be fine. She's too young to see life with so many problems.

Jessa has been a real asshole this season. Right after she gets hitched, she slowly falls out of the honey moon phase and gets easily bored. She paints and spends her husbands money, but she realizes that she is trapped in married life and can't do the things she used to do. She can't go on raves or do ecstasy or sleep with random guys. In the end, she falls out of love and breaks up with her needy husband. She falls to reach the level of maturity she expected to have and goes on a path to figure out her issues through self-help therapy and visiting her father upstate. Jessa's free spirit, hippie boho chic persona was never something I cared for and to be honest, she doesn't even interact with her friends in the show.

Last, but not least Shoshannah is on my hit list. After losing her virginity with some 30 year old, she wants to go through her natural slut phase or experience what it's like to be a new woman. But she feels trapped by the forced relationship with her 30 year old boyfriend which she feels sorry for him. It's kind of depressing and Shoshannah should have used him only for a booty call. Maybe next season, she will find appreciation in meeting a decent guy.

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