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Monday, August 12, 2013

My So-Called Life: What should have happened.


It must be hard to grow up in a middle class home with a non-dysfunctional family in suburbia. Angela Chase makes her life seem like she is suffering from a hard life of bad mistakes and distress when all along, she's just a white girl going through puberty and sees her world turning to shit. I really do admire the realistic portrayal of a teenager played by Claire Danes, but watching the series over again, I changed my mind. The only reason I looked into the show was because I had an obsession with Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano and oh lord, he was fine. His bye eyes and greasy hair made him a sensation in the 90s. Plus he didn't do a lot of acting, so he just made out with Claire Danes in the boiler room which was basically soft-core porn for any pre-pubescent 13 year old. And Angela had the greatest friends to have in high school, Ricky and Rayanne who were supportive of her and listened to all of her first world problems whenever she was down. Other than that, the whole show focused on Angela's boring life and never gave the other characters enough attention. I wanted to know more about why Bryan Krakow was such a pain in the ass, I wanted to see what the household of Ricky and Jordan was like, and when Rayanne started using drugs.
But because the whole show was all about Angela and her whole deal was becoming Jordan's girlfriend. And she really got on my nerves, once they started hanging out because she was reluctant to have sex with him. She obviously had fantasies about him and to be honest, I would have jumped his bones if I was in her situation. Maybe Angela wanted to have some class and be ready for the right moment, but she should have realized that at her age no relationship is that serious. If anything she should have had some fun. It's not like Jordan was aware of what he wanted to do with his life and he obviously was inspired by the words of wisdom of Angela. In the end, Jordan realized that he fell in love with her, but was too chicken shit to tell her the truth. I always wondered what would have happened if Angela continued her relationship with Jordan. Maybe he would have graduated and pursued a career. Maybe Angela would pull him out of his bad boy habits. That's why I see them as a dynamic couple. If Angela took the chance, she would have broken out of her security blanket and maybe even grown up a bit. It sucks that the series only lasted one season and the actors moved on to other projects.

As much as Angela was a pain to let Jordan go, it was definitely fulfilling to see the passionate side of their relationship. I mean who wouldn't cut class to go make out with Jordan in his run down car?

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