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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nostalgia Days: Barbie Pet Rescue

Barbie looks like a serial killer holding that bunny.
Barbie had 100 jobs in her life. And for some reason, she wears the same pink coordinating uniform for all her professions. Which I guess it still sets a good example for little girls and boys because she does her job well and she influences people to do good deeds. 

In Barbie Pet Rescue, Barbie and her violation of child laboring sister, Stacy are in charge on a pet rescue rescue set out in the middle of America. They basically save pets. No savage or untamed animals like zoo pets, just puppies, kittens and bunnies. Cute shit. And oh boy, this game is borderline cute. 

The whole game starts out as a series or rescuing pets in safe areas like parks, gardens, backyards and even farms. She travels on her vespa like she runs on errands in no rush at all. When she gets to the location, Barbie slowly walks around and stares at the camera constantly to see where you should point direction to. It's quite irritating and I wish Barbie could be more productive with time. It's not like she could put herself in danger by stepping on bear traps, all she does is look down wells and climb up to tree houses. I guess she has to set example and explore the way children do. But its kinda awkward to see a 6 foot tall former supermodel climbing up trees and looting around areas to search for a cuddly animal. Why couldn't there be any people around in the background? Doesn't Barbie get hella bored? Does she even get paid?

The best part after rescuing each pet is the part where you get to name them, feed them, bathe them and play with them. You awe and melt at the sight of a digital pet licking your hand and staring into your eyes to melt your soul. The types of pets don't really vary much because you get one type of dog, cat and bunny in different shades of fur.  

The petting scenes were adorable.
Because it's a Barbie movie, nothing else happens once you save all of the pets. You just get awards and save a dirty monkey once in a while. For the attention span of a ten year old, this game works for sure. It teaches kids to care and pamper slightly mistreated animals.
Still in my archive, No Fucks Given.

I get back to this game from time to time when a hurricane hits or when I feel moody and miss my childhood. Barbie PC games will forever stay in my heart because they were so innocent and cute. Even when I get older, I will still turn back to these games and look for nostalgic inspiration.

Barbie was such a bitch to Stacy. She never picked up her own damn phone.

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