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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The best town in France, Vittel

Vittel Park and hotel

The famous oversized chess board
It urks me when people think the only region of France to visit is in Paris. Its like they envision that city to be romantic like the photo shopped pictures you see on Pinterest on a daily basis. As a French fry, it upsets me that other areas of France aren't glamourized in films or pop-culture reference. And quite frankly, it's annoyance that people know nothing about the region of Vittel, France. For the past 18 years I have visited France during my summer break to see my lovely family and get away from the city. I find Vittel to be a very whimsical and delightful place to visit to get lost in. The whole town is flourished with thick trees and flowers which remind me of those little towns you see in Disney films. Every one is friendly and inviting. The restaurants and boulangeries are what bring in the tourists. The shopping centers consist of selling knick knacks, postcards and trinkets that bring me back to being a child again. The park features their grand hotel that was previously known as Club Med with amenities like cart-bike rides to roam with multiple friends around the park, a golf course, equestrian racing and a spa: The luxurious spa is essential for experiencing water falls and water treatments provided by the Vittel water. For anyone looking for peace and tranquility, Vittel is definitely the town to check out. I hope to go back there around Christmas time to see the town powdered in snow and experience the holiday spirit with my family.

I wish I could go back. I love this place so much.
Here is a photo of my Aunt and sister standing in front of the gorgeous hotel.


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