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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why I'm not going to miss the Summer season

After such a long summer, I'm over the Beach Season and I'm anticipating the Fall. I mean it. I am all about cold weather. I'm polish, I was made for -20 degree weather. I never complain about how cold it is in New York when I know people in Siberia have it worse.
Here are a few things about Summer that I am dying to leave behind:
Sweaty sleeping sessions. No one likes to sweat in their sleep. I don't think it's necessary to breath in steam anymore.
I am beyond pale and I never stay tan for longer than a week straight. The sun does nothing for me and it's better that I stay pale for the Fall.

Yup. The sun does the exact same thing to me.

Plus I'll give myself excuses to stay inside and do nothing all day because it will be too cold to socialize.

I am not skilled at any outdoor sports, so my only routine of working out will consist of Tumblr, Sewing and watching Real Housewives.

Remember when every one said that there was going to be the best beach party ever?! Well that never happened...
Than again, I had an amazing Summer. But it never turns out to be like in TV with the rich family going to their beach house and partying every night. If only I could like an ABC Family Original Series.

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