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Thursday, August 8, 2013

W.I.T.C.H., my first fandom and my first obsession

One of the first comics I've read was W.I.T.C.H., an Italian comic book based on 5 girls who live normal lives and come together to discover that their secrets go hand in hand with powers from an otherworldly realm. The comic book was in French and at the time I traveled to France during the summer time, I would find issues of the comic book being sold around the airport stores. I was intrigued by the charming illustrations and colorful character design featured in the pages. Not to mention, that it was endorsed by Disney so this comic had to be legit.

Will, the leader of the group
I read the first issue and fell in love with the stories of the 5 girls, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and hay Lin. It was such a refreshing thing to read about the daily life of a pre-teen girl going though certain stages of her life and that's why I really related to those girls. And the fantasy world was just as beautiful and enticing to follow. The realm of Kandrakar takes place in an unknown world where the light forces look over the universe and balance out the good from the bad. They are the ones to select the guardians in the real world to protect the balance of nature and its elements all together. Nothing too confusing, just a whimsical tale of teen girls finding out their true colors and purpose in life.

So the story starts out with the introduction of Will Vandom. Will is a 14 year old girl who just moved to an urban area of Heatherfield with her single mom and hates being the new girl in town. We don't have much information about her history or any link to her biological father, but Will seems to portray herself as the darkest character. She carries herself like she has a lot of problems and at times she is very dramatic at times. Because she is instinctual and caring, she holds the skills of leading her group. Will is athletic, a bit of a tomboy, and lost in her thoughts most of the time. She swims after school and bikes a lot around her neighborhood to keep in shape. Despite being physically healthy, she isn't mentally stable. She is boy crazy and is unable to maintain a healthy relationship with her mother. She is a good friend, but she is hesitant of herself and her overall potential as a leader. The secret behind Will is that she is able to communicate with all thing electric and she is the source of light energy. She can talk to appliances and spark up electric energy at any moment. But Will has yet to find out that she holds the most unique element and realizes her power out energy is the strongest of them all.

Irma, the funny and curvy one
Irma Blair is a 13 year old teen who is the most extroverted and outgoing in the group. She's loud, funny and says whatever is on her mind. She lives a comfortable life with her Mom, Dad and brother in the suburban part of Heatherfield. She is foodie and loves to eat. Being the curvier girl in the group, Irma holds herself as the girl with the most personality. She is obsessed with music and partying and she loves to be the center of attention. Irma is the guardian of the water element and she has the power to breath underwater as well as control tidal waves and waterfalls. She loves to swim and be around water most of the time. Its like second nature for her. Irma is optimistic and sometimes a little na├»ve in the way she tries to solve problems. She does whatever to hold a guy's attention and doesn't care if she makes a fool out of herself. She is clumsy and not as polished as the rest, but she starts to become a lady sooner than she notices. With her humor and witty remarks, Irma is the one who makes any uncomfortable situation better and always knows how to have a good time.

Taranee Cook is 13years old and is far from being an extrovert. She's actually shy and soft spoken even if she is in control of the fire element. She lives a good life with her adopted parents and older brother, Peter and is constantly on edge with everything. She's a bit neurotic and doesn't know what to do at times because she doubts herself. Taranee has a passion for photography and is deeply interested with her African culture. She is the most knowledgeable about world history and is somewhat of a nerd. It may be that Taranee is going through a bit of an awkward phase as she notices she isn't as outgoing or outspoken as her other friends are. Luckily, Taranee will notice her attitude and will become spunkier when she develops control and loses doubt over her powers.

Cornelia Hale, 14years old, tall, thin, regal and in charge. She is definitely the most polished and elegant member of the group. She cares mostly about her appearance and her long hair and she is a bit of a know it all. Cornelia has a bit of a temper and she doesn't like to be pushed to her limits. She lives a wealthy life a luxurious condominium with her Father, Mother and little sister. She is all about status and how she presents herself. Cornelia is a figure skater and does her finest to be the perfectionist that she is. She holds the element of earth and controls the life of plants as well as weathering and erosion. Cornelia is all about beautification or herself and of this earth. She is the most reluctant one and slightly pessimistic one in the group. Cornelia finds out that her long time best friend goes missing and she is angered by the outcome of what has happened to her. In the end, she has to let go over stubborn attitude and get along with the group as much as she can.

Hay Lin is the free spirited 13 year old teen who lives a life full of spontaneity and joy. She's creative and trendy and knows her way around the sewing machine. She draws, paints and if fond of her Chinese background. She lives in her family's restaurant upstairs with her parents and grandmother. Hay Lin is known for her funky style and leg warmers. She always tries to look different and stand out of the crowd. Hay Lin is fascinated with astrology and karma and she sees everything with a purpose in life. Hay Lin is best friends with Irma and they are inseparable. She likes to please all of her friends and she may be the most rational and kind member of the group. Hay Lin controls the element of Air and is the only group member who knows how to fly. Hay Lin can also control wind direction and speed. Her grandmother is significant to the story because she was a former guardian of Kandrakar even though Hay Lin is unaware of that. The grandmother will introduce the 5 girls to Kandrakar and show them a path to follow to use their powers correctly instead of using them for selfish reasons. Hay Lin will be the member to bring optimism and purpose to the group.

The story unfolds into each member discovering their true purpose in both real life and the otherworldly realm of Kandrakar. The whole series of W.I.T.C.H. leads to a journey of friendship, passion and discovery. The series lasted for about 8 years and it was discontinued about 2 years ago. I own about 150 comics of the series and I am a dedicated fan and follow up in any new information on the series. I still read the comics once in a while and look back at how much the illustrations influenced the way I sketch and render fashion illustrations as well. I believe that whatever you were strongly influenced by should be with you for a long time.



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