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Monday, August 26, 2013

Your'e never too old for Monster High.

People always seem to think that dolls are just for children, but ever since I was a young girl I drew inspiration from playing with dolls. I would dress them up constantly and set up scenarios all the time. I obviously don't do this anymore, but dolls are still appealing to me. One of my obsessions is Monster High. Basically they are undead Bratz Dollz, but with more detail and intricacy. The one thing I noticed about how the way the dolls were designed was that they were heavily influenced by today's fashion. Mattel's popular brand, Barbie is not as relevant to fashion as the Monster High dolls are. Sorry, but tutus and bows don't make my skirt blow anymore. All of the dolls are personified with their own sense of style and none of the characters are knock offs of one another. I collect a few from time to time for inspiration and decoration and I don't see the issue of why people think that I am too old to be collecting dolls. Check out some of the dolls and you'll see why.

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