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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Celebrity Smorgasbord: Why Fashion Week has lost it's edge.

It's a little bit of a concern to know that the biggest hype of Fashion Week is to see which celebrity is attending a show. From now on, Fashion Week has been all about the celebrity guest list these days rather than what is appearing on the runway. The truth of the matter is, it just makes everything look like a big popularity contest. All the "little people" swarm around to photograph the stars in the front row and don't pay attention to the clothes.

 Celebrities sit in the front row to be the most photographed while the buyers and editors are the actual ones who need the most direct observation of the clothing. The guest list might grow if a celebrity makes an appearance, but the whole fashion show loses the importance of presenting the collection to buyers. It's not like the celebrities are actually paying attention to what's going on. Yes, there may be some who are actually interested in fashion, but most of them have stylists for that. 

Even Oscar de le Renta said that "he is sick of the huge crowds of people." He pointed that out after stating that he specifically held his shows for the important people in fashion who actually have connections. Not some PR chick or Famous Blogger. In this day and age, every one acts like they know everything about fashion. Yeah, like a 20 year old with an associate's degree can do anything for fashion. I'm sorry, I'm including my demographics in there because that's how most of us act. 

Back in the 40s, Models used to carry auction signs to basically present their look with a catalog number for the buyers: It was all about business. The fact that celebrities, who are featured on the cover of fashion magazines, are the major focus on trends. What about the designers and their craft? 

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