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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beauty Inspiration: Founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere

Any one who can pull off lavender hair and poupee makeup makes me envious because I have no hair or makeup skills what so ever. But when I'm in the mood to be inspired, I go on my Instagram from time to time and find some colorful images that really brighten up my day. 

She's got that Dame Edna hair: She probably has to dye that hair every week to upkeep that shade of lavender.

She dresses up like a bunch of fruit candy pieces and somehow only in Californian weather, she can get away with it.

Her style is basically ticky tacky: Flamingos, Fruits and Pastels.

Look at that hair. It's looks like frosting on those super sugary cakes!

Mah. I iz jealous.

I wish we knew each other so I could borrow her clothes.

I need to compose a collection based on those colors.

She cant get enough of those Flamingos.

Teach me, Doe Deere!

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