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Friday, September 27, 2013

Did GTA V become more girly?

I've been playing the game for a short time, but for the time being I drive around Los Santos to discover landmarks and take photos like any hipster would. As I'm driving around in my convertible, I noticed that my radio would start blasting out music by All Saints, Rihanna and even Fergie?! The soundtrack  selection in the GTA series always left me a little puzzled in their editor's music taste.
Any whoozle, another thing I wanted to point out was the little gems hidden all over the city. One of the landmarks that stood out to me the most was the pink Malibu beach house right outside of the shrink's office.
Doesn't this look familiar?
It's the Barbie House Goddammit!

I'm really surprised that the developers included this iconic home in their game. I have to scope out more of the city to see what else I can find.

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