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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make Up Confessions from a Rookie.

Make up does a lot for women. It boosts your confidence, it hides your unwanted flaws and completely defines the best parts of your face. Like any skill a women should attain like knowing how to do your hair, staying in some kind of shape, developing a fashion sense and learning to how to become the best version of themselves. Make up is essential for every women and men (Sorry guys, I forgot), but it's so difficult to pick up those skills when you are less skilled than a child smearing lipstick all over his/herself.  It's difficult and embarrassing to even put on make up for any occasion, but you do your best to imitate a Youtube Beauty Guru and paste some cheap makeup on your face.

So tonight's the night to experiment with makeup for a party. Yay! I usually give myself the whole day to get ready.

As we all know, Make up is easy and quick to do and only the experts can do the smokey eye in less than 5 minutes.

And you wouldn't want to go to a place bare faced because people are cruel sometimes.

So here we go. Let's hope I don't fuck up.

And don't forget about all the pretty girls who will give you shit for looking like a raccoon....

So...How can I pull this off?

This is what I want to look like in my head.

This is what I end up doing. I never remember to let my face cook after applying foundation.

Why do the other girls make it look so easy?!!!

You  start over and over until you cried your eyes out about how useless you feel.

But something in you says to Fuck the world and do your own thing.

So you go back to feeling confident.

But first, let's watch a few Make up tutorials...

Since these people can teach years of experience under 20 minutes.

And of course you own every expensive make up brand to follow up with the self taught gurus.

I can just leave the house and call my look haute couture.

You are afraid to look at how much of a mess you are every time you see your reflection.

In the end, push the prettiest girl onto the floor and be the loudest in the room.

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