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Friday, September 13, 2013

The temptation of dying my hair is coming back: Rainbow Hair will always be in Fashion.

I have had my hair dyed pink, purple, the usual "i'm going though a phase" color. But now that my hair is completely grown out, I feel like I blend in with the crowd of usual people. These images aren't helping me at all either. I can't dye my hair because I have to keep my job and look professional at all times. Maybe when I'm thirty and I have a comfortable job, I will go bat-shit crazy with my hair like I'm Nina Hagen from the 80's.

Easy for her to maintain because her hair is so short.

Eva Pinkland with her pastel sisters.

And these colors never last more than a week. Unless you don't wash your hair at all....

Shrinkle from SugarPill Cosmetics (far right), always makes the job of looking like a pack of skittles so easy.

The clouds are pretty cute, but that you wouldn't have to play with your hair as often.

This raspberry works. It's not too tacky, or out there like some other looks.

90's raver aka never getting a corporate job again.

From the Zac Posen Spring 2014 Show. It's a little reminiscent of Joker from the Batman Animated Series, but's it's totally trendy.

And of course deep purple fading into fuchsia.

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