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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why the next season of Shahs of Sunset needs to be here....

G.G. is a crazy bitch who is a ticking time bomb. Im afraid of the guy who has sex with her once in a while.

Mercedes is old, a mess and she looks like a Russian Grandma at times, She's the ultimate definition of a Hot Puta.

Reza, Freddy Mercury's second cousin and the Star of this shit show.

Asa, hairy and delusional: But because she thinks she's so hot, it's so entertaining to see her wear skin tight outfits and walk around like she owns the universe.

In a sense the show is an exploitation of Persian culture, but it's not a derogatory because the cast are constantly paying homage to their values (Even if that means buying Loubotins and Rolls Royce), they are all about family and expressing their traditions in different ways.

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