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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fat Shaming: Are the Chubby Chicks Winning?

I believe that there is this ongoing issue of thicker women who are given shit for flaunting their belly rolls and curves. Even as a thick girl, I'm put in between this issue because I am placed between what society accepts and how we should love ourselves. The weird thing about it is that I am on both sides of the fence. The skinny perspective makes me think about a person's health, but not as much as how disgusted I am by the appearance of someone's cellulite or un-proportioned body. As cruel and harsh as that sounds, I have a Love-Hate relationship for Fat Chicks. I am all for accentuating curves, but on both ends some people just cant pull off wearing specific items of clothing. Normally, I'm not really fond of women who dress a little more risqué and at times Slut Shamming is another issue I'd rather put aside for another Blog Post. I feel like a hypocrite at times, but this is how I really feel.

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