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Monday, November 11, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum

So I finally gave myself time to go see the exhibition that I have been anticipating for the past few months. For it to be featured at the Brooklyn Museum, I was quite shocked at first. I thought to myself, "Why Here?" The more I thought about it, the more I understood that young artists were heavily influenced by his work. And the whole presentation was definitely Artsy Fartsy, but in a good way. I didn't find anything at all to be pretentious what so ever.
Let's get started...
So the line was insanely long, but in about 30 minutes or so, my boo and I managed to get some tickets without getting aggravated. We take the elevator to the 5th Floor and we walk all the way back to the beginning of the exhibition. The first layout brought out the annoying fashion school kid in me. I was overly excited and start snapping pictures every five seconds. I had to resist from touching the figures. The one aspect of the presentation that really left an impression were the moving projected faces on the mannequins faces. (Reminded me of the mannequins from the Maniac Remake). I was in awe even with JP himself being featured on a mannequin.

Look closely at the faces of the mannequins...Projection lighting at it's finest I might say.

And the amount of embellishment is really a stunner.


The train of the gown in detail.

Up close of the Mermiad bodice.

This was a similar dress that Marion Cotillard wore and up close you saw that craftsmanship of each applique cut out to form scales.

I love this little element of the dress which was the golden heart made out of chains.

Same dress zoomed out with heavy beading.

Mermaid on crutches...Okay, it's still pretty cool though.

This was so far, my favorite nautical look. I mean how can you not appreciate a good pattern as well as some good cleavage to show off.
 The first set of garments previewed were the typical black and white sailor shirts and mermaid looks he designed for Kylie Minogue and other celebrities. There was a similar mermaid dress that Marion Cotillard wore to the Oscars when she won for Best Actress for some movie I don't care for.

The next room was much darker and I might say a little more conceptual. But I'd rather be amazed, than be bored.

Bodice and train were all constructed with boning.

The infamous Beyoncé ensemble (On another note, I'm surprised her waist is that small)

This little number was constructed by boning, but it was covered in little roses.

This gown was intense because it was completely draped with ribbons and I have to applaud the seam stresses who carefully sewed the strips of ribbon together.

Note: There was a Madonna Section, but the lighting was so dim I couldn't take any photos of Madonna's infamous Gaultier Bustier. This is why you have to go see the exhibition for yourself.

The room after that obviously transitioned to Runway pieces. And as usual, it was important for more to look at all of the details within the garments.

This gown was infamously worn by Gael Garcia Bernal in the Artsy Spanish Flick, "La Mala Educacion." The nipples, belly button and bush were heavily beaded so you couldn't ignore this one at all.

I'm glad the exhibiton included the flower gown worn by past Plus Size Model, Crystal Renn. Big Girls need to be included too.

More closeups. Your'e Welcome.

Nothing saw Gaultier without including his Punk-inspired pieces.

This lovely Denim ensemble was encrusted by black star all the way down to the bottom.

This Camouflage Moss gown was the first piece I saw walking in. At first, I hated it, but up close I learned to appreciate the heaviness of the gown.

A stunning Denim Bustier with boning and on the bottom were tassels cascading around the floor.

Here is the first of the few menswear presented. A distressed wooly tartan suit.

Punk royalty with bias drapery of the tartan fabric.

For any jewelry mavens, that elbow cuff is so popular on Pinterest.

 Another tailored tartan suit fit for a Punk Goddess.

The denim numbers were actually quite fancy. The patchwork of the denim as well as the printed muscle tissue fabric was really a risky look, but it was the 90s and crazy always worked back than.
Kind of reminded me of that Denim Gown Britney Spears wore way back than.

You could only pull off this look in the 90s ofcourse.

The Dita Von Teese Skeletal Corset that is far more breathtaking in person.

And my favorite one (Muscle Tissue Bodysuit)  which made me shed a few tears, I'm not joking because my boyfriend was embarrassed of me for a few minutes.
The last room featured more the culturally inspired outfits. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that the more outlandish and popular looks were not featured. What about the costumes from the Fifth element? What about his crazy fashion shows? Other than that, the whole presentation was rather lovely and surprisingly the audience was able to get as to the garments as possible.

My Review: Better than the Alexander McQueen Exhibition in terms of layout, but it lacked in theme from time to time. Not bad, Brooklyn Museum. 8.5/10

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