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Monday, November 25, 2013

Posing says a lot about photos: Don't think that people are perfect, it's all about the angles.

There is a photographer by the name of Gracie Hagen who took shots of fairly decent looking people posing both in attractive angles and unappealing poses. The point of the photos were not to suggestively compare and contrast, but to point out that people in general have similar bodies to the people portrayed in the photos. In society, we are constantly looking up to these fashion models who are experts at posing and looking slimmer. Even when we take photos of ourselves, we do our best to look skinnier and prettier and well rested. I myself am guilty of snapping a good few photos for a decent selfie. I may cover certain things just to be discreet, but my friends and family know my body type. And when I am alone at home, I pose awkwardly in front of the mirror to see how far my stomach expands and how flat my butt goes when I squeeze it in. The body is absolutely beautiful. 

Only people who have seen me naked know my natural beauty. And to be honest there is nothing wrong about naked skin. I mean, I had to take Life Drawing Classes in college and I have seen all types of bodies. And I was never bothered by the rolls, cellulite and scars. It was more interesting to draw and my pictures had more personality to them. 

I love seeing these people posing fiercely and posing like no one is looking around.

Let's have a look at these raw photos:

Check out more of her work at :

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