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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas is everything right now.

I'm the only person in my family to be excited about Christmas, so it's usual for me to be more enthusiastic for no reason. I've decided to decorate my apartment with two trees, (One Traditional, One Pink), I decorated my office and I am encouraging all of my family members to decorate every crevice of their home. Im that kind of gal.
I have one month to plan the only event of the year that matters. The commercials of spreading holiday cheer and consumerism is getting to me, because I didn't get a chance to buy all the presents in the world. In the end, I know that everything will be fine, but the pressure is on. I mean how many people are excited for the same thing that I am.

And its on to make this year the best Christmas yet. And sadly to say, I have been spending more money on presents for myself as well. Online shopping stole my soul and I bought myself over 4 monster high dolls which I will be playing and mesmerizing all by myself on Christmas morning.

But being selfish is far from celebrating the Holiday cheer so I have to pretend to act like I have interest in some of my family members who I haven't spoke to in a while. Meh, I might as well be nice for once.

My job doesn't take any excuses for me to be lazy after the holidays, but I feel the urge to pig out, be lazy and play my video games until my eye balls fry. I seek to be the laziest person after the holidays are done.

And all after the holidays are done, I'm keeping my tree up until the end of February and have no feelings that basically the most important holiday had passed. Forget about Easter, or the Fourth of July. 

I know that Christmas is the most personal holiday for a lot of people because its an event that we have always lived for as young children. I've seen the home videos of me as a toddler opening up presents. Everything seemed so perfect like my life wasn't changing every 5 seconds. It was a celebration of free spirit and coming together as a family. 

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