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Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashion Recap of 2014 Golden Globes

The only reason I pay attention to the award shows are for the gowns, the somewhat memorable speeches and for the people who deserve to win the award (*Cough cough, Jennifer Lawrence*). In my head, I consider myself to be a fashion critique, just like any other fashion wannabe in this country. And because of that we all review peoples wardrobe as a test of fate to some ones career, we go hard when it comes to being critical. This is my blog and I am entitled to my opinion of criticizing someones poor taste. In the end, we are all judging one another. So let the blood bath begin!

Maria Menunosss....Quite frankly, I like this color and this dress, but I don't get the whole "I'm not trying to look like a skank because I my hair is formal and I have a clutch in my hand." She should have gone total skank. Commit to the look!

For Lena Dunham, this is a step up from last year. Zac Posen did a nice job with tailoring the dress to her shape. And the color doesn't completely flush out her skin tone like a bad case of discoloration from liver disease. The hair looks like she just put in two barrets to start applying for her makeup and forgot to take them out.

Julie Delpy will  forever be the quirky french goddess in my eyes. I love that belt. Gold is never too much for an awards show. The hair just needed a little more volume. The neckline is interesting, more appealing than a typical strapless look (*Which had been over done way too many times for most award shows*).

The more I look at Taylor Swift, the more I realize that she's trying to be Karlie Kloss. I mean, she looks fine, but damn we need something to distract us from bony chest of hers. I could see her heart pump. Jewelry is necessary.

Upclose, Julia looks phenomenal as usual. Im happy that she didnt go for a big poofy ball gown or something typical. I like simple and chic. It does make me think that she is playing dress up as Carolina Herrera, but that's the style so who cares. 

For any skinny girl, this look will do. The accessories were a little bland, she could have changed her earrings. 

Who ever this lady is, she wanted to be Grace Kelly for a day. And she got a way with it for sure, sadly I don't know her line of work so I might remember her for this look only.

Emma Thompson is a pretty classy woman. And whether or not she was getting turnt up, I was too distracted by the bottom of her dress. See, if she would have worn the shoes maybe the look would have been complete. (Side note, I forget her name so I had to Google "Drunk lady at the Golden Globes" for reference.*)

I always had mixed feelings about Zoe Saldanna's fashion taste. For some reason I'm in love with the bodice, but going all the way down, its like the designer ran out of fabric and just filled in the missing space with extra material.

Emma Watson...The pants are actually cool, but it could be the length of the dress or the cut that makes everything look unbalanced. 

Reminiscent of Angelina Jolie's Emerald ensemble a few years ago. She looks better pregnant for sure.

The ladies of the night. Too American. But just enough to be in the same category of "This will do for Best Dressed"

Kalye Cuoco reminds me of a complicated slutty all American friend who thinks that Reem Acra is the epitome of Fashion. I mean, she looks fine and I guess she wants to feel pretty, so its whatever at this point. 

Let me put this out here, I'm not saying that everyone has to have their hair down for an award show, but for crying out loud WHAT IS WITH THE GREASY BUN?!

EVERYONE GO HOME! WE HAVE OUR WINNER! Diane Keaton can do no wrong with pant suits. 

I hate Amber Heard for the fact that she is bumping uglies with Johnny Depp so no comment for her.
But Old Hollywood Glam suits her more than this.

Tumblr Famous and the Baddest Bitch in Town. She doesnt need to outdo all these skanks because she has her own cult following. 

I am a fan of color. If there is no pink in my life, I feel empty. The lining for the dress really makes me squeal like a fan girl, but the bodice would use some work. 

Her stylist must have killed someone for that dress, because this is the best number featured at the awards. Now this is an introduction to the world of how Fabulous you are.

Like a bouquet of flowers, really charming and lovely...But this look dies so fast. 

For any big girl, proportions matter and god damn, I feel embarrassed for Gabourey Sidibe. COuld that sleeve be any shorter???

I really don't care much for these bias ceremonies. Its the same thing every year, but as a designer I seek to have my work worn on an actress who knows how to carry herself on the red carpet and knows how to pose for the cameras. Hollywood is dead in my eyes. It needs to be brought back for sure.

Once again, this year of the Golden Globes was missing ______________

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