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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Recap on Fashion Week Spring 2014 Collections Couture: Let's Not Forget This is a Fashion Blog Too!

Award Shows and Fashion Week are by far the most essential events for designers to display their collections with the high volume of press and media. Every one gets to see all the incredibly constructed garments that bring attention to the importance that Fashion will never die. Despite the fact that the media portrays mediocre brands to have a significance in fashion such a Victoria's Secret (Every year I shun myself from ever watching the shows), the real artists have to come back and prove that luxury can be appreciated as well. 

When I say real artists, it can vary from a wide range of designers in different hierarchies of the fashion world. From Haute Couture to Contemporary and Ready To Wear, the line of work has a place for every niche. 

So I'm going to do a quick recap from Spring 2014 Couture:

So because it's the Spring 2014 everything is about looking like a cupcake or dressing up for a Batmitzvah in juxtaposition to the dark heavy fashions for the Fall Trends. Its a all a celebration of beauty that we expect to happen after we finish the depressive hibernation in winter. 

Valentino: I swear I couldn't feel any moodier after seeing that show or maybe I wanted to have some Olive Taponade on my toast because the color story was sort of bland with uses of grey, light mustard, dust, oxblood and olive. I thought the whole collection was a funeral march to the sad state of getting older. The first look was by far my favorite (The one below with the music notes, but as you progressively view the whole thing, I felt like everything felt dirtier and more matronly.) I may have aged a few years...

Alexis Mabille definitely got the idea that Spring was coming so I give him brownie points for that. The whole set design was quite a mix between whimsy and royal chochki with a roman-greco feel. The clothes were fine. Not in particular my taste and I thought some of the dresses came out of a Russian Boutique in a busy part of Queens. Super lavish and some what tacky looking by the way the fabric picks up light. The one look that really stood out what this dynamically pleated shawl that made me gag and shed a few pretentious layers under my skin. 

I'm talking about this statement right HERE!

 Maison Martin Margiela once again decided to wave their freak flag for Fashion Week by mixing textiles and draping fabric while intentionally showing the unattractive and odd patchwork. Art Deco meets circus freaks. Who ever likes this, they can choose to be anyone they'd like to be, but the only interesting item of clothing was the Ed Hardy like patchwork tank top with the sequin circus freak pants (Seen below in the middle of the picture).  

And maybe this one, because the accessories are crafty.

Stephane Rolland's Spring 2014 Collection summed up in one word: Citrus. As usual, the collection was bright, effervescent and stunning. Yes some of the few pieces were more bland than the usual waves, but the final pieces are the piece de resistance of why Fashion Week exists. Im in love yet again with Stephane Rolland.

Viktor and Rolf decided to outdo their presentations by putting together a dance number performed by classically trained Ballet pieces while wearing tight fabric with ink like scriptures all over. I'm a sucker for anything artsy fartsy, but tastefully done. If you look closely at the garments, you'll see that the ink stains resemble flowing fabric and drapery.

I'm too lazy on doing the rest because I already chose my favorite ones!

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