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Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Plans for the Super Bowl: From the perspective of a designer who has no attention span

It's Sunday and today's the Super Bowl. Because I consider myself to be a social butterfly, I'll do anything to be out of my house and mingle with ma boos. Today we all plan on spending an evening full of class watching the big event on tv while getting turnt up and making regrettable decisions to be seen on Instagram (*Oh, the perks of being 21 are endless*).
Here's the thing, I have no idea to behave while watching any sport events on television without inquiring about every detail because I can not find anything interesting about it. Sorry about it, I'm only here for the booze and food.
Said perfectly from Goddess Kim Zolciak, I hope to know the rules of football by the end of the night without being a jackass to my friends and interrupting the game.

Most of the time, I'll be staring at the bodacious booties of most of the players and make remarks with my girlfriends because we are all perverts and when we see something we will give each other some sassy side eye.
And rumors have been going around about the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing at Half Time. I may have to fangirl internally or just scream and giggle every time the lead singer gyrates his fit torso. I hope to not embarrass my poor boyfriend from drooling over a teenage crush of mine...
And my friends will have to tolerate all of my antics until one of my friends has to put me in check.
Lets see what happens tonight :)

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