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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anti-Feminist: Is that a contradiction?

I get the dumb blonde effect, but don't you have to be smart to pull that off?
Trisha, infamously known as blndsundoll4mj on YouTube is a walking contradiction. I admire her honesty and I think she's allowed to state her opinion as much as she wants. She's open about loving herself, her Republican views, God and her curvy body. That's fine. She basically becomes unlikable after she calls herself an Anti-Feminist in one of her youtube videos. Her ordeal of not seeing women being as equal as men is just a little annoying.  I don't consider myself a feminist, I'm more about equality for both sexes. It confuses me that a female can be an anti-feminist. Why wouldn't you want the same standards men have in society? Trisha's ideal life is to get married and grow a family while her husband would support her: That seems perfectly normal until she goes on saying that she prefers women to stay at home and raise kids while men earn a living. It's a little weird to hear that in our modern time today. I hope she finds a decent man in her life.

As I continue to watch her videos, she goes off on a rant she made about how women are supposedly dumb in comparison to men because they didn't go to school back than. She gets a lot of shit for the stuff she rambles on about and to be honest, being a famous Youtuber you have to be cautious and a little considerate about the things you post online. I know that she says these things to get views and attention, but it isn't necessary to suggest these things. It's sad because some people watch her videos to see how ignorant she is when actually most of her videos are more about beauty and makeup. I happen to enjoy listening to her story telling videos of when she used to be a stripper. I find it interesting because my life was nothing like hers and I like to hear what others have been through. I choose not to watch her rant videos, but some related videos pop up and I tend to click the button to watch the exploitation happen.

I'm not here to change any one's point of view, but to question something like women's standards, I believe you need to get your facts in there before trying to make a few statements. You can't vaguely say one thing and get away with not explaining yourself. It just makes you look ignorant. It doesn't matter what you say, it's what you do to support your opinion.

Watch the Anti-Feminist Video below and comment whether or not you agree.

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