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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Furniture I need in my home

Mermaid Bed. This is beyond Liberace Versace Ticky Tacky and it's perfection.

Art Pillows which would cost more than an actual sofa.

Pop Up Art Chairs that look so cool, but seem impossible to clean.

Ruffle Bed Set because I am a mature 21 year old young lady.
Octopus Chandelier. Perfect to make all of my guests uncomfortable by the horrible sight of suckling tentacles swarming around the ceiling.

Delicate and unstable drawer. I would only store pens or paper clips by the looks of the leg support. 

For my professional work environment, a Hello Kitty desk.

The moon chair that would basically kill me if I tried to swing back and forth.

Faux bejeweled shower curtain for my boring shower sessions staring into nothing.

Elvira bed set that would look difficult to have sex in. Watch out for the edges.

Creepy owl shower hangers to peer into my soul and judge my naked self after my shower.
This bed looks like it can rarely hold up a mattress, imagine what happens when I lay down...

 A coffee table that needs to be covered with table cloth to basically protect from harmful utensils and hotplates.
Bloody tea set. To set the mood for a candle light supper with your annoying neighbor.

 Mari Pillow Pet from Disney. An item that really epitomizes my maturity and adulthood.
A coffee pot that will make my coffee taste like plastic.

Stickers for my laundry because those machines are the refrigerator's ugly cousin.
Baroque chair that no one will ever sit in.

A grand piano because I am far from being a skilled musician and every rapper has one in their living room.
Agate rug. Even though it looks like a scab.

Chandeliers I hope to never walk into while coming home drunk walking in the dark.

A holographic icy cold toilet that will melt your skin and a sink that I would never rinse my face in.
Mineral lamps that probably have the worst lighting even for a Drag Queen.

A vanity for my hourly narcissistic posing sessions.

Book shelf, because we all know this generation still reads. Right?!

 All I need now is money and loans to buy all these useless items. Help a middle class white girl out!


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