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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gina Gershon will be phenominal as Donatella Versace

She looks so ditsy as a blonde. I thick she can pull off that role.

Its comes to my attention that the stunning Gina Gershon, will be playing Donatalla (aka My House, My Rules) Versace in the new flick for Lifetime. All I have to say is, that I can definitely see the resemblance of the famous designer, except Gina didn't get as much work done. And it's nice to actually see Gershon act again. The last thing I saw her in was HBO's How To Make It In America and she hasn't been much in the scene since than. I think Gina needs her comeback. She's such a legend for being in such legendary films like Show Girls and Bound, both gay icon films of our generation. I'm kind of sick and tired of seeing all these new actresses star in films. I want to see my favorite actors be featured in the films they were meant to be in.

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