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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gah! This looks incredible. For once, the Sims are fully customizable. Physically, you can make them thick, curvy, muscular, beyond fat, thin or anything your evil heart desires. But in the end, if I were to remodel myself in the game, I would be thinner with endowed breasts and ass ass ass.
I could totally make dirty fan fictions and post them online like I used to with the other sims games.
I'm surprised they are given emotions now. It's crazy that people are going to be more involved with their sims. This is when I officially won't have a life if all of my characters will have more interesting things to look forward to. This is a trap. This is just a game. My life is totally not bland in comparison to my Sims who will be billionaires, gorgeous and extremely successful.
Who knows...

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