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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lara Croft, my Hero

Ever since I was a child, one of the first games I've drawn interest in was Tomb Raider. Back then, 3D video game platforming was a big deal and It was boring to see Mario do the same shit over and over again. When I was introduced to Lara Croft, the first thing I thought was, "Oh wow. She's pretty." Lara had the best features. She had the highest cheekbones, the most arched eye brows and the biggest lips. She was a super model. She looked like a bimbo from the 90's: Like my aunt who used to wear brown lipstick and get away with it. The way she used to dress was pretty badass. Her combat boots and short shorts really gave her more of a spunky personality that most chicks in video games didn't have back than (I'm talking to you, Princess Peach or Princess Daphne). The fact that she could shoot on point while doing back flips or tumbling while running away from bears was totally awesome. For a woman who has so many skills such as archery and gymnastics, its incredible how so many people relate to her or see something in her that they would like to see in themselves.

I wanted her lifestyle as well. Infinite wealth, tons of gadgets and weapons and that training course :).
 She always found things to do in that enormous mansion while doing research for her next adventure. Lara would look for secret tombs and undiscovered rooms while practicing her parkour in her gymnasium or get herself out of her hedge maze. I love that she never lived a mundane lifestyle and she was pleased to be by herself.  Her independence really does prove that you can be your own person. What I appreciated most about what the lead designers did to Lara's character, was that they made her a nerd. She was always updated on her knowledge of lost history and she was a hoarder for collecting relics and artifacts. I think anyone somewhat interested in how civilization was formed would definitely let Lara be leader of the club. And in the latest game, she is the total geek in her group of friends.

What strikes me the most with Lara is that she is particular about using her looks. Yes, she is a bombshell, but she's just as intimidating as any other man featured in a game. She's infamous for portraying both roles as a hero and a villain: If you think about it, she steals anything she lays her eyes on, she kills anyone and anything that gets in her way and destroys landmarks any chance she can get. How is this woman not in jail?! Well than again, she has all the money in the world to pay for all her wrongdoings. But on the other hand, she stops bad guys from taking artifacts and using them with bad intentions.  

Lara's past is definitely confusing to follow due to the character development of Crystal Dynamics and recently Square Enix. A lot of fan fictions and press have been jumbled into many stories about the famous heroine. Some stories have said that Lara is a widow and was living in heartbreak all along. I couldn't imagine seeing Lara with a husband at first, because she's always out of the country on an adventure, but it wouldn't fail to show Lara some more depth in her character if they feature that story in the new game.

I'm quite happy with the turn out of the latest game in the updated series of Tomb Raider and I am anticipating a new story for Lara and see who she will become in the end. If Square Enix does their research right again, Lara fans would be so proud for the legacy of their beloved Heroine.

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