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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oooh, Katy Perry, you Scawyyy.

     I understand people reinvent themselves once in a while to boost their careers. Notice I didn't call her an artist, she's an entertainer mind you. Madonna did it. Cher did it. Rihanna tries to do it, but she goes back to sounding like a goat gargling on Listerine. Katy Perry rips off Alanis Morrisette completely and she will sound the same through out her whole career. I can't stand these Top 40 Artists who try to convince people that they are shocking. Then kids get the impression that this is shocking. Even kids think that Lady Gaga is inventive!!! Go be yourself, it's fine to listen to shitty music when you workout at the gym or when your'e high, but there are better artists out there to discover guys. Come on, didn't we all go through an era of hating conventional ism and looking more into weird unknown music?!

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