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Friday, August 2, 2013

My fascination with the Faeries from Neopets

Fyora, the fiercest Faerie Queen

 I don't know about you guys, but when I was a chubby bunny back then, I used to go on the internet and play Neopets all day. This was before Myspace, Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest. (AOL was awesome to talk to the same people you saw all day at school and the Sims was usually taken over by my sister all day.) There was something so cool about caring for your digital pet by feeding it, and making money to support your imaginary children. The games were pretty much knock offs of any 80's video game platform, but you needed to play to earn points (Basically mula for your income). Any one dedicated to playing more than 10 games a day would earn more than 5,000 points to buy food, toys, books and furniture. In the end, your neopet never dies, but they complain about every goddamn thing you offered to them. Give them a free omelette you picked up, they would stick out their tongue and reply with, "Gross!". I wish there would be an option to smack some sense and force feed your starving pet.

Soup Faerie aka I hate her guts
Anywhoozle, the best part of neopets were the Faeries. The entire fantasy world of neopets was pretty badass. My favorite fantasy world was the Faerie world. Thin candy colored nymphs were basically free loaders and any time one came up to you, they would ask you for the most expensive items in exchange for rare unusual knick knacks and trinkets. The difficult part about the quests where that the items were literally impossible to get. You were disabled to search for a specific item in the shops and had to got the markets one by one to look for some dumb item they needed. Because the faeries were flawless, it didn't matter how bossy they would treat me.

Emo faerie with

She was bored and asked me for the same shit.
Some faeries like the welfare soup kitchen faerie would even deny to feed my middle class family because I made too much money. Even with her basic-ass outfit, she still carried herself like a princess. I had no clue what relation the only human like characters had to do with personified animals. Where were the men? What about the kids? The questions were never answered. I guess they were servants to a higher power who basically bossed around neopets and ask them for shit. Every now and then I go back to the website just to see if the faeries had been discontinued or not. I never thought faeries were generally nice. I kind of think of them as messengers who have nothing else to do except bother people.

 If anything, I would love if one day Jhudorah would take over and rule everything under the Dark Powers.

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