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Friday, August 2, 2013

Plus Size Models are just as intimidtating as normal models.

Model Stephanie Shui
Here's my issue. I think that the plus size industry is fabulous, but even as a big girl I constantly compare myself to those women. And it's sad because they have a similar body type to mine and they are celebrating their curves. In reality, women judge everything about what's right or wrong with their shape. It's just that even at a size 14, these women appear to be perfect. Maybe its the art of makeup or good lighting. Not every thick chick looks like this and it sets off a new standard for the meaning of beauty in the plus size industry. To even make it as plus size model, your proportions have to be on point: Big boobs, smaller waist, large hips, long legs and ass ass ass.

Model Clementine Desseaux
What about the chicks who are pear shaped or have no waist? Are they the outcasts of beauty? Some people aren't shaped the way and quite frankly I'm sick of seeing basically the thicker version of a Victoria Secret Supermodel.

   It's just a bad excuse to not try out something different. Just like how we have ugly and strange looking models in the industry, we should have something like that for the plus size models. All plus size models typically have the same facial features and are far from ugly. I'm not saying Quasimodo should try out a season for America's Next Top Model, but there should be something else going on. 
I'm guessing because the plus size industry is growing, it's keeping up the pace of only showing pretty models for now. I'm anticipating for what will happen in the next 20 years.

Model Ashley Graham



  1. preach!! thicker Victoria's secret models and why are their faces so little

    1. That's what upsets me. They have no double chins or fat necks. It's not realistic.