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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nostalgia days: Lego Belville

As a fellow collector of the lost franchise Lego Belville I have to say that these lego sets were the most cherished of my childhood. I used to play with the orginal lego pieces and build the biggest space ships and busy towns with all my guy friends. I was the expert in comparison to them and I loved building such grandiose sets out of vast number of little bricks. I am a firm believer in playing with lego's at a young age. I had a whole collection of lego sets and I never managed to sell any of them. As a kid I was used to playing with the same figurines over and over again But some of the pieces were pretty boring because most of the bricks consisted of primary colors. And  when I was on summer vacation in France, I went to a knick knack store and looked around at the toy section. I wanted to get a barbie, but I noticed these large purple boxes with the famous red lego logo on them standing on a shelf far back in the corner. I walked through all the aisles to find this hidden section for the Lego Belville box sets. I was instantly drawn by the beautiful colors, doll like figurines and insane detailed pieces to the sets. I had to get this. The first set was small, but I played with it a re-arranged it every day. A few days pass, my grandmother brings me back because she saw how happy I was playing with them. She bought me more sets and my collection expanded from there. I have been collecting for a few years and because the series has been discontinued and Lego Friends came out, I stopped buying. Lego Friends are like the bootleg Lego belville, and I see no purpose to pick up another lego hobby. 
One of my first sets. The blue witch had a small kitchen to prepare potions and shit. She was a fierce queen with that grey lavender hair.
Ah, the wedding chariot was so gorgeous. The fact that the series included cute animals that were proportioned to the figurines was also a plus. 
Very first set. It was tiny, but the beginning to the greatest thing to happen to my childhood.
The cruise! I made them drown so many times. 
The Horseback riding series was definitely a highlight of the cherished series.

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