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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Brilliance of Spencer Tunick.

     I always had a place in my heart for Spencer Tunick and his work. I'm not really into figurative photography or portraits as much because all that people care about is looking good. From an editorial of a fashion magazine to a so-called selfie, it's all the same bullshit. Everything is forced and posed. I don't believe a person's personality can be based on how they position their legs and contort their body all the time. These photos, despite the wide variety of nudity, is quite natural even in the large scale settings.  In the pictures you don't see just one person because in this world that doesn't matter. And in our generation today, we see importance to make a statement about ourselves. It's fine to be selfish and praise your own identity, but how many other people are doing the same?
So collectively, every one is important rather than just you.

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