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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Evolution of Gwen Stefani's Hair Style

Throughout the many years of Gwen Stefani's music career, I noticed how edgy and urban her style was back then. Now she's more sophisticated and clean. To be honest, I do miss the old Gwen, but it's nice to take inspiration from her looks to try on my own.

Geisha Realness with fake buns on the left: Twist top buns and messy bun on the right.

Schoolgirl pigtails on the left: Slick and straight on the right.

Teased and curled on the left: Short and wavy on the right.

Distressed waves on the left:Tighter waves on the right. 

Heavy bangs on the left: Side swept bangs and poof on the right.

But come on, who doesn't miss this Gwen

Rock Steady Era

Original Tumblr Kid

My dream hair in High School.

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