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Saturday, August 17, 2013

What I'm most excited for Halloween

Am I the only fool excited for Halloween? I think everyone should be.
I'm so sick of Summer. I want Halloween now!

But in actuality I go through a little emotional breakdown in preparation for the beloved Halloween.
I fantasize about decorating my whole house to my theme even if I cant afford it.
I do anything out of boredom to celebrate. Even wear orange purple and black as a combo.
I give all my enthusiasm to hype people about Halloween until its my turn to get ready.
And than I realize I need time to prepare for costumes and decorations. 
I get lazy and you think about staying inside instead of going to Michaels to pregame.
I'm totally prepared. I'll shop for Halloween window stickers later.
Even Martha Stewart is ahead of me And its only August.
But what about my costume? Eh, I feel too old to dress up.
And I forgot about those damn trick or treaters. You know what, no one gets candy this year. Only Me!
So I over think everything and worry about not having a decent Halloween.
I notice everyone is up to date. The neighbors have lanterns already?
And they already decorated their whole house?
While I'm here trying to put together a theme will cheap decorations.
The days go by and I haven't even put together a decent costume!
And I really wanted to buy some cute stuff for my bedroom.
And buy a years worth of candy that would be devoured in a week.
Why couldn't I come up with those whimsical recipes?
II need a Halloween Tree!
This is all going by so fast!
I better start planning now!

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