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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The only reason I watch the VMA's: Fashion

Here again is my cynical post about why this "award show" is over hyped and completely a waste of time. Maybe as an upcoming designer I shouldn't say such things because most designer try to design for celebrities, but these people aren't celebrities. There are Top 40 Musicians, young teen bop movie stars and famous you tube people. It's kind of embarrassing that my generation is still interested in this crap. But the only thing I care for is what they are wearing. (I'll be doing my own review of the VMA's fashion tomorrow on For the time being, here are some of my favorite looks from the VMA's a few years back. 

Gwen Stefani nailed the pin up look. The silhouette is simple and the makeup isn't so harsh. Absolute perfection. 

I really don't care much for Katy Perry's music. Her style is just an excuse to look like a lollipop, but this look is actually quite whimsical and her hair really helps the outfit. This is the right amount of chochka.

Christina Aguilera was in her prime during her Back to Basics era and this was her best look to date. The breast implants make it look a little sleazy, but other than that she deserves brownie points for this look.

This is when Tacky is brought to a new realm and it is all together one of the most memorable and outlandish looks brought on the VMA red carpet. Lil Kim, you make Nicki Minaj look like she's at her worst when she tries to be like you. All hail the original.

So I have to include Beyonce in this post because this was the only look where she didn't look vulgar or cheesy. I'm not really a fan of her fashion taste, I don't know why people are so obsessed with everything about her when half of the time her mother dressed her (Yikes). Beyonce looks regal and beautiful here. And because she's back in shape, she will be dressing like a mess and this will be the last time I ever say that again. 

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