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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If only Mr. G from Summer Heights High taught at FIT...

This is Mr. G. He's my dream professor. He would be perfect for FIT: Bitchy and full of sass.

He's outgoing and doesn't care if he offends anyone. Because most likely, he has a lot of history behind him and more and more is revealed about him when he mentions drugs, sex or prostitution.

When I say good-bye to him at the end of class, he would ignore everyone because he's entitled to be selective with his students. He would only talk to the most eccentric students who pay attention to the bullshit  he teaches in the classroom. 

He would teach dance, fashion or philosophy. It wouldn't make any sense, but you were required to take his class in order to earn the last few credits of the remaining semester.

He would make you do embarrassing things to break the ice and make you look more awkward than you actually are.

And if your phone goes off, or somehow you make a scene, he would bring all the unnecessary attention to you.

And if you happened to like him out of all the classmates, he would make you his guinea pig.

He would pick on every one and not see the point of holding back on his rude comments.

If none of the classmates were participating or doing the necessary work, he would leave the class out of frustration.

And if you were his favorite student, he would point out all of your flaws.

And I mean ALL of them.

But when I return back to school, I would die to see one of my professors with the same "qualities".

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