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Monday, September 2, 2013

Tumblr Famous Person of the Day: The Pink Queen

This is the Pink Queen. She looks like she's made of of cotton candy and her style is adorable.

She's kind of popular on tumblr.

Her style is a bit eccentric, but I don't mind the pastel colors. I used to have that style in High School.

This is her room which I envy her for.

I mean, how can she maintain all of those hair extensions and saturation of hair dye?

I wonder how much teasing she has to do to that hair of hers.

I love that she is a living My Little Pony and she doesn't care that people think that she's too old to dress like that.

How cute are her accessories? Gawd, she's so crafty. 

And she's pretty good at makeup. She should do more make up tutorials.

Ah! I cant take her cuteness!

I just want her room so bad, except not as much clutter...

The sad thing is that recently her boyfriend committed suicide and she's been going through a hard time of coping with the loss of her boo. I think she deserves all the love and attention she gets from her followers because no one should feel left alone.

I go on her page everyday to check on her progress to see where she is today because I know that she'll do be just fine.

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