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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 Years of Little Girls Learning Dance Moves From Music Videos: What this says about today.

This comic strip is so accurate, and sad to say this is so true. I remember finding myself dancing to Moulin Rouge in front of the tv at a very young age. I knew I didn't mean to be sexual, but as the years passed by and I grew older I noticed the influence of sexuality became more noticeable. In the music industry, most songs are sexual, no matter how innocent the songs may seem. Remember, "Dynamite" by Brenda Lee? Well if you look up the lyrics, she basically sings about how she's going to "explode" because she's all hot and bothered. I guess subtle lyrics were more cutesy back than, but with racy music videos, sexuality in marketing is really out there. And little girls have become the obvious target of copycatting raunchy dance moves of their idolized pop stars. I am for artists who are open about their sexuality, but I feel like some things shouldn't easily be shown on tv. And youtube doesn't have parental warning for their more explicit videos. It's just sad that every video has to be about ass and titties. And the fact that little boys and girls think that it's okay to pretend to act sexual. Kids are too young to know these things.  

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