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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oh I Miss Willam's Beatdown: The Shade Of It All

There used to be this webisode on a YouTube channel called The Stylish featuring the infamous contestant of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 4, Willam Belli. Basically Willam used to breakdown and criticize Youtube videos that range from being vastly popular to unknown. Some of the Youtube videos featured popular make up artists like Michelle Phan, Gregory Gorgeous, Grav3yardgirl, JuicyStar07, and MacBarbie07.  These people have gained a lot of popularity through doing simple makeup tutorials that are not as well done or as innovative as maybe a real makeup artists would do. I believe the point of the show is to basically throw shade at the rookie make up artists who have received more recognition than seasoned professionals. And Willam Belli has a sharp tongue and makes deceiving comments about these youtubers. In the end, he is hilarious and he points out that most of those people don't have real jobs and they are getting away with putting useless videos on the internet. Willam says what we think out loud. And after 19 webisodes, the show had been cancelled. Willam still continues to promote himself as a web personality on his own You Tube channel with his music videos and own tutorials. To be honest, his videos are far more interesting than some of these kids who find nothing better to do with themselves. 

Whenever I am feeling down, I go on Youtube and watch his videos because he complains more than anyone I know and makes people look worse than himself. It's like bullying except your'e the innocent bystander. 

Check out some of Willam's videos:

He's my Best Friend in my head. I love you, Willam!

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