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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Individuality is overrated in Fashion these days...

I believe that in this superficial world, we are made to believe that only the most beautiful, rich and well known human beings are allowed to be an influence in the fashion world. Celebrities set the trends and we want to live up to the standards of following them. It's a non stop marathon of keeping up with the higher echelon in Fashion so we can feel accepted. People say that fashion is a lifestyle: I snort at that expression because it's all bullshit. Back when Fashion set out to become about identifying your tribe or niche, clothes were all about setting standards for yourself. People outdid themselves to stand out and grab the most attention. Its all the same charade. Its the popularity contest of the wealthiest people flashing their wealth to the poor individuals who can't afford the luxury in life. 

And its upsetting that people talk about trends and individuality because the purpose of fashion to me doesn't below in whats about to hit the runway or whats going to be featured in stores. Don't get me wrong I take inspiration from all niches of fashion from Haute Couture to Fast Fashion: Its just that every one seems to have the same taste in fashion and clothing. We all wear practically the same thing. There's no individuality in clothing these days. If I gave myself the time of day, I would have all of my clothes custom made. It's just not that simple. 

As a designer, I want to do many things for the people wearing my clothes. I want to identify myself with all of my customers. And yes I know the first rule of design is to know your customer, but how to design for a specific niche when I know people want to be different these days...

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