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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How Far Would You Go To Help Someone Out? The contrast of a Fantasy Life vs. The Struggle of Others

It's the end of the Holiday season where we continue to spend money on things that we don't need and for some reason, that thought of "Things Could Be Worse" never crosses our mind. At my job, I give service for those in need. I try to be honest and be resourceful. It's not about selling or getting the big check. Although money eases the pain of life being so hard, helping others is truly a magnificent feeling. As a designer, I involve myself in this shallow industry that glamorizes the rich luxurious lifestyle, but sometimes I have to pull back and hit myself in the head with reality. Not every one goes top bed peacefully in a warm home. The fact of the matter is, some of us know these people. The more I become materialistic and buy things that I don't need, the more I blur myself from whats people are struggling to have in life.

As a designer, I work on building my image as a young trendy well rounded individual full of personality and light. I try to keep myself updated with current events and world news, but nothing fazes me that people are suffering with real life issues. Today at work, a gentleman walked in asking for my help and I couldn't do anything else but listen to his scenario. Single Father, struggling to care for his daughter, Military Veteran and overall Good American Guy. In my line of work, you should never take anything personally, but it's so hard to push those away who are in need. Thankfully, there was someone there to help him, but I swear to you I have never felt my throat throb so heard from holding back tears. 

I swear I instantly felt like the bad guy and I couldn't help, but feel like shit the entire day. 

Fulling ones self is not by the measure of how much stuff you own, how many people envy you or the living the life you wanted. Giving back is for sure an over used term, but if there is a way where you can genuinely help others in need. Knowing that you can do so much for others is truly one of the necessary values of life. It's not always about you. Its not always about me. 

When I reach some sort of success and I have enough connections and resources, I want to support my local high school and provide beneficial trade skill courses for those who strive to become young designers. Maybe even take part in a trade school for the youth. I want to develop a paid internship for young teens and adults who feel like they are in a comfortable environment and to not work under the pressure of gathering networks and putting yourself out there. It's not pretentious because we all meet wonderful individuals in life who don't exactly have the resources or finances to make something they dream of happening. 

Those are my thoughts for today. 

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