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Saturday, August 24, 2013

My dream home: Croft Manor aka Tomb Raider Mansion

As a young gamer, I fell in love with the Tomb Raider franchise. But one of the things I looked forward to after long hours of game play was exploring Lara's Mansion. It reminded me of those Tudor homes in Europe and it was nice to be at peace where I didn't have to watch out for enemies every 5 seconds. 

When you explore her home, you notice she doesn't have a lot of furniture. But her spaces were so huge, its impossible to fill the rooms up. Her bedroom looked like a hotel room and I was surprised to find her place have a pink bed with girly drapery. Who knew Lara could be a little but feminine...

I used to think her bath was a pool. And she had a bidet. SWAG.

The main entrance was so iconic. I remember running down these halls doing somersaults and backflips just because you had enough space. 

The artifact room needed more if you ask me. How is it that one of the most infamous Tomb Raider's only holds a few artifacts. I guess she's not much of a hoarder when it comes to stealing.

Ah, the infamous fridge. That creepy Butler needed to be locked up from time to time because I freaked out every time I heard his tea tray shake. 

But the reboot of the game really put the cherry on top with the experience of secondary exploration in the Croft Manor. I mean for crying out loud, look at that!

Yeah, even if it's a knock off from the Tomb Raider movie I still think it looks gorgeous. And to be honest, the space looks more realistic. Not every room has to look like a big Lego block.

It's definitely a surprise to see that the rooms were interactive and you were able to find your gear around your home. 

The swimming pool, one of my favorite features just looks like a gorgeous resort spa. Not to mention the fact that you could climb around the chandeliers and swim through the pool tunnel to the other side of the gym.

If I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, hell yeah I would need a training course. At the end of the day, I couldn't come up with an excuse to not workout if I have trampolines and pools and rock climbing walls.

The only issue I see with new home was that you could rarely explore much outside of the mansion. I wouldn't mind seeing the neighborhood Lara lives in. Where she buys her groceries or goes to get her nails done. She can't be trapped in that house all year?!

Well I guess she's not alone since she happens to bump into the butler at the weirdest places. If only we could shoot at him to scare him off.

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